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Welcome to Porn Free Power – Effective Porn Addiction Help

Hey, my name’s Jay Manning, and I’m a former porn addict. Welcome to Porn Free Power – cutting edge resources and personal help to show you how to:

  1. Quit porn and stop pornography habits, urges and relapses.
  2. Recover from porn addiction and fix porn related problems.
  3. Unleash your full potential and create the kick-ass life you really want.

Quitting porn with Porn Free Power will solve problems and create benefits you never imagined. I’m saying this from experience – I struggled with porn addiction for years before finally crushing it and experiencing the awesome life on the other side.

Now I’m fired up about helping you to turn everything around and dominate life like a boss! So if you have any kind of porn challenge and want to deal with it, I’ve got you covered.

Imagine how incredible it will feel to finally stop your porn addiction and transform your life. Stick with me and I’ll teach you exactly how to do it – no bullshit, just powerful strategies and outstanding results. I have a huge bag of tricks and a “leave no man behind” approach ;)

The first step right now is to subscribe to get your free porn addiction recovery guide on how to overcome pornography addiction. These resources will lay a strong foundation for you to crush your porn addiction, no matter how many times you’ve tried before.

Step up and get started now, and I’ll talk with you soon . . .

Jay Manning | Porn Free Power - how to stop watching porn

"Porn Free Power has potentially saved my marriage. There is still a long way to go and it will not be an easy road to travel but a tleast i am now on the road. Thanks Jay."
Paul S, UK

"Life without porn is AWESOME. This is the 7th week without porn. I have now possessed power over porn, even if temptations come it's easy for me to say NO to porn. As time progresses, porn has become more and more powerless to manipulate me and it is the least of my worries now since I know that I will never allow it to rule my life.

I have tasted life without porn for that reason I wouldn't want to go back to porn, simply because my life is now progressive without porn. To taste life without porn, I did all your techniques of defeating porn and it worked perfectly. I'm truly thankful for that.

Jay I thank you for being there for me, it's very motivating to see how much you care about us, I will always honour your for this. And I will continue using your techniques in my journey of recovery, they are awesome. Jay, you're the best!!!"
Siphiwe, Nquthu

"Hi Jay, I'm the girlfriend of a porn addict. I was so desperate to help him quit porn but nothing I tried seemed to help. I begged, I pleaded and we went to counselling. None of it worked.

So the next thing I did was try to find a support group for myself online so that I could at least learn to cope with his addiction if he wasn't going to stop and that's when I came across your site. I went through all if your materials and then forwarded the programme to my guy. Thankfully he was open to the programme and has been working through the steps.

It's been over 3 months now since he has viewed porn and that's the longest he's ever gone without it since he was 15 years old, that's a 22 year old habit. I am so happy for him and for myself and our relationship is moving ahead in leaps and bounds now that we are building back the trust and respect that was lost through his porn use.

I just wanted to say thank Jay you from the bottom of my heart. I love this Man of mine and I really feel that we are going to be ok and that has a lot to do with your fantastic programme."
Jessica, Sydney

"I have not watched porn for almost 2 months now since using the Porn Free Power strategy.This is a huge achievement for me. I have also received unbelievable support from Jay.
I was desperate when I started this, now every day I feel stronger and in control.
TP, Cape Town

"Im so grateful to you jay as the last few days you have kept me sane and got me through this heartbreaking time."
Carol K, UK

"Hi jay.

I just wanna say how its going with me and its really going great took your advice and it felt great. to be honest the support you gave me helped me I feel so free and awesome since porn is out of my life now that I have a vision and a future.

Jay it really means alot that you took the time to write to me. You could have done something else but you chose to help me and I appreciate it.

Jay I open my heart to you and I wanna say that it really means alot that there is someone who I could talk to who doesnt judge or reject me but helps me and walks with me for who im gona be in the future.

In the past I never cared about myself. I always though the problem was with me and that I am a washout but through you I start believing im myself. You helped me see that you can choose to stand back up.

Thank you for understanding my circumstances you made me feel that im not alone what im going through.

If I did not find someone like you to helped me I would never have the courage to stand up. I can say today I learned alot by going through that and now I can say no.

Today its all new looking after myself and my lifestyle. Im still young and my whole life is still in front of me.

Im almost 21 and im a new man and just wanted to say thanks for all the messages you wrote to me when I faced that but its all thanks to you i have left it for good.

Thanks for all your emails and the way you inspire me. Each of us has a calling and you definitely have yours. If I look to you jay I see someone who not only understands but who have a wonderful heart. I believe that you can also help millions more.

So I can say thank you again jay that there was someone like you who are standing by my side and who was willing to help me. Thanks for the part you played in my life."
Peter F, Free State, SA
Compiled with permission from various emails

"I've never felt so much freedom over this addiction. Thanks for having my back. It means a lot, bro. With your help, I know I'm going to kick this addiction's ass!! :)"
James C, USA

"I recently had to take a business trip- uh oh, hotel room, free time. Danger.
But, the trip I took required me to spend 15-16 hours a day working. I clocked 81 hours that week, no kidding. And, most of it was on my feet- I used the whirlpool at night to soak my feet.
At the end of the week, all of a sudden, I realized. I had not watched a minute of porn, not self-pleasure at all, and I felt great! The sudden urge was there to 'do what I used to do' but I resisted.
The habit of 'watching porn' will always creep into your mind, when you're idle. But, if you resist watching porn, for 28 days, it gets easier. Any habit takes 28 days before you start feeling the restraints loosen.
Not to be overly religious, but evil will always tempt you to go back to porn watching. But, I found, just as your website states; the elimination of porn watching improves the clarity of my mind, my energy levels, and my conscious mind. It feels better when I feel tempted and 'thumb my nose at it' and resist. Thanks for your articles. I really appreciate them."
Geoff- Wisconsin

"There have been many times that reading your stuff has hit home with me. This is a subject that needs people like you to fight the beast. Your personal testimony that I listened to has particularly helped me."
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Free Porn Addiction Recovery Guide
Get free videos, audios, PDF downloads and other effective resources to help you quit porn, stop relapses and recover from pornography addiction. This stuff works!

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The Porn Addiction Recovery Guide from Porn Free Power - How to Stop Watching Porn and Overcome Porn Addiction