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Welcome to Porn Free Power – Effective Porn Addiction Help

Hey, my name’s Jay Manning, and I’m a former porn addict. Welcome to Porn Free Power – cutting edge resources and coaching to show you how to:

  1. Overcome pornography addiction, habits and urges, and stop porn relapses.
  2. Recover from porn addiction and completely reverse any porn-related problems.
  3. Unleash your full potential and create the kick-ass life you really want.

Quitting porn with Porn Free Power will solve problems and create benefits you never imagined. I’m saying this from experience – I struggled with porn addiction for years before finally crushing it and experiencing the awesome life on the other side.

Now I’m fired up about helping you to turn everything around and dominate life like a boss! So if you have any kind of porn challenge and want to deal with it, I’ve got you covered.

Imagine how incredible it will feel to finally stop your porn addiction and transform your life. Stick with me and I’ll teach you exactly how to do it – no bullshit, just powerful strategies and outstanding results. I have a huge bag of tricks and a “leave no man behind” approach ;)

The first step right now is to subscribe to get your free porn addiction recovery guide on how to overcome pornography addiction. These resources will lay a strong foundation for you to crush your porn addiction, no matter how many times you’ve tried before.

Step up and get started now, and I’ll talk with you soon . . .

Jay Manning | Porn Free Power - how to stop watching porn

From the Fans
"Porn Free Power has potentially saved my marriage. There is still a long way to go and it will not be an easy road to travel but a tleast i am now on the road. Thanks Jay."
Paul S, UK

"I have not watched porn for almost 2 months now since using the Porn Free Power strategy.This is a huge achievement for me. I have also received unbelievable support from Jay.
I was desperate when I started this, now every day I feel stronger and in control.
TP, Cape Town

"Hi Jay, I'm the girlfriend of a porn addict. I was so desperate to help him quit porn but nothing I tried seemed to help. I begged, I pleaded and we went to counselling. None of it worked.

So the next thing I did was try to find a support group for myself online so that I could at least learn to cope with his addiction if he wasn't going to stop and that's when I came across your site. I went through all if your materials and then forwarded the programme to my guy. Thankfully he was open to the programme and has been working through the steps.

It's been over 3 months now since he has viewed porn and that's the longest he's ever gone without it since he was 15 years old, that's a 22 year old habit. I am so happy for him and for myself and our relationship is moving ahead in leaps and bounds now that we are building back the trust and respect that was lost through his porn use.

I just wanted to say thank Jay you from the bottom of my heart. I love this Man of mine and I really feel that we are going to be ok and that has a lot to do with your fantastic programme."
Jessica, Sydney

"Hi Jay, I sincerely appreciate the videos you are sending to me, It is really inspiring what you are doing, keep it up, you are doing something truly special"
GM, Vancouver

"This is a really excellent resource with ongoing inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend it."
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"I used to think that porn was something I couldn't get over, but I was wrong. Once I started using Porn Free Power, I found it easy to jump start my recovery process. Each of Jay's resources is filled with effective steps that helped me break the addictive cycle.

Additionally, his online calls are extremely helpful because they are tailored to my needs. Finally, he has an effective accountability system set up which has helped me get to core of why I used porn in the first place. His accountability system has enabled me to become more transparent with myself and others about my porn use and has motivated me to continue my recovery journey.

I wouldn't be here without Jay's guidance in the process. Thanks for everything you've done with PFP!"
Sam-Oakland, CA

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