Jay’s Professional Background

One of my huge passions is to help others to grow so they can create an amazing life for themselves. Education and coaching are the key ways I do that, and I literally love every moment.

I’m qualified to deliver nationally recognised education and training in Australia, and I have a bunch of qualifications and certifications in fitness coaching.

I also have a couple of degrees, although they’re not especially relevant to quitting pornography . . . these days I mainly just use them to make my wall look fancy ;)

Previous Experience

Education and coaching has been my focus since 2002. Over that time, I’ve done stuff like:

  • Lecturing, tutoring and mentoring students at university.
  • Teaching English to classes and individuals as a volunteer in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines.
  • Delivering specialised small group training in a whole bunch of different subjects in Australia, the UK, Canada and Hong Kong.
  • Writing course handbooks and other materials for colleges and private training organisations.
  • Personal fitness training, nutrition and weight loss coaching with everyone from former Olympic athletes to housewives.
  • Privately tutoring high school and university students in academic skills, professional skills and specific subjects.
  • One-on-one life and success coaching.

Current Focus

I’ve since moved away from most of these areas so I can focus specifically on providing porn addiction help and support.

These days, I work one-on-one with both men and women from all around the world – those with porn addiction themselves as well as their partners and family members.

Because of my own past experiences, this subject resonates most with me, and it’s awesomely rewarding to help others to break through and recover from porn addictions and challenges in their own lives now.

As well as my practical coaching and education experience, I’ve now spent years studying personal development, psychology, addiction and behaviour change.

There are so many awesome tools and strategies available for overcoming porn addiction (many of which I used personally to quit porn and turn my life around), and I want to share them with you and help you to get your life back too.

I’ve included these details for people who are curious, but the truth is that I don’t really believe you need to know all that.

If you need high quality porn addiction help, my resources and coaching speak for themselves and I know they’ll get you the results you want.

Try them today – you’ll be glad you did.

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Porn Free Power Actions and Insights - How to Stop Watching Porn and Overcome Porn Addiction
From the Fans
"Kia ora Jay,

my name is Sean im from New Zealand I just wanted to send you an email about my experience and how you have helped me regain strength back in this area of my life.

I have been trying to kick porn in the ass for a very long time, feeling alone and frustrated I found your site through Google search about six months ago and signed up to your awesome resources strait away. my back ground with this is one like many before me and has been an ongoing battle for many years, but I'm now definitely on the road too recovery :).

through your site I have learnt some very good tips and strategies to help battle the urges and feelings of this addiction, every bit of information I have received has been very relevant and helpful, thank you so much.

I have started an mens accountability group with a few of my friends and am going to get them to sign up to the site. also is it possible to make a small donation somewhere?, as I feel like I would like to contribute in some way.

its so crazy how something like this can be so damaging to your whole life mentally and physicaly, but with people like you who tell it straight up as it is theres hope for men and women around the globe, again thank you!"
Sean, New Zealand

"Hi Jay

It is actually my husband on whose behalf I have subscribed. We have been together for 15 years and its only about 4 years now when I first discovered the porn addiction. Porn is almost a 20 year battle for him and he has made countless attempts to stop over the years but has never succeeded.

We are both committed to following your prescription to the letter the science and the reasoning behind every action you specify makes it easy to comply with.

I can see honestly for the first time that he is truly on his way to recovery. You have motivated and shown him a plan and a positive way foward, nothing else has managed to restore hope like this. My husband's getting stronger and we are getting closer every day all thanks to your program.

He says to tell you this is the longest he has gone in 20 years without even a single craving an its almost 2 months now.

Your practical, holistic approach coupled with your awesome energy is nothing short of brilliant. We are actually bonding in a way that we have never before. We've both loved and lived more in these last 2 months than we have in our 15 years together all thanks to you my dear friend. You are an answer to years of prayers and we are eternally greatful.

We are thrilled that you have taken the time to check in on us, you really are an awesome human being, the positive difference your care and concern has made in our family is remarkable and we are so grateful to you for turning our lives and our marriage around.

We really appreciate your incredible committment to us and our situation. For someone who hasn't even met us yet your dedication is truly an inspiration to us in itself.

Yours in gratitude"
Compiled with permission from various emails

"I've never felt so much freedom over this addiction. Thanks for having my back. It means a lot, bro. With your help, I know I'm going to kick this addiction's ass!! :)"
James C, USA

"Hi Jay,

For a while I have been looking for material that I can use to develop a program that I can use in a group to help men overcome pornography addiction. Browsing the internet, I was looking for something real and authentic and practical.

So I stumbled onto Porn Free Power. And I really liked what I discovered. I like your approach, i like the practical way you tackle this. So I started my first group in September this year with 3 men.

PFP is a very practical tool. We use your resources as a group discussion or action (I am very strong on the emphasis that it is an action group, not just a support group) and as homework.

It has been so rewarding to be involved in this journey with these guys. The one guy especially has stopped his daily porn viewing. He is a new person, he now keeps a photo of his wife on their wedding day on his phone.

On a personal note, your resources have helped me with my own journey towards a porn free lifestyle. After I stopped porn, I continued to allow myself some pornographic scenes that I used during masturbation. But it was pulling me slowly back into porn again and it was reading through PFP that I realized that you can think porn as well. And it is as dangerous as watching porn.

Once again, thank you so much for your regular e-mails of encouragement. And on behalf of my group, thank you for allowing us to use your resources."
WW, Port Elizabeth, SA

"This has been one of the hardest things I've ever tried to overcome. Me and my wife have been working on our issues, she has forgiven me but I know she has a hard time trusting me. I have not looked at porn in several weeks, i'm proud of myself and would like to thank you for your advice it's helped alot."
Name and Location Private

"Porn free power has really supported my recovery . My life is starting to grow yahoo!"
Gray K, England

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