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Personal note: I’m very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences, results and success stories with using the Porn Free Power resources.

It makes me happy and fulfilled knowing that my work is changing so many lives for the better. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to help you :)

"Porn Free Power has potentially saved my marriage. There is still a long way to go and it will not be an easy road to travel but a tleast i am now on the road. Thanks Jay."
Paul S, UK

"Kia ora Jay,

my name is Sean im from New Zealand I just wanted to send you an email about my experience and how you have helped me regain strength back in this area of my life.

I have been trying to kick porn in the ass for a very long time, feeling alone and frustrated I found your site through Google search about six months ago and signed up to your awesome resources strait away. my back ground with this is one like many before me and has been an ongoing battle for many years, but I'm now definitely on the road too recovery :).

through your site I have learnt some very good tips and strategies to help battle the urges and feelings of this addiction, every bit of information I have received has been very relevant and helpful, thank you so much.

I have started an mens accountability group with a few of my friends and am going to get them to sign up to the site. also is it possible to make a small donation somewhere?, as I feel like I would like to contribute in some way.

its so crazy how something like this can be so damaging to your whole life mentally and physicaly, but with people like you who tell it straight up as it is theres hope for men and women around the globe, again thank you!"
Sean, New Zealand

"Hey Jay, Thanks, I really like the material, your emails and resources are excellent, well-written, thanks for helping me get started on this journey."
Name and Location Private


Thank you for creating your website and your resources. I have known for quite some time that I was missing something in my approach to quitting porn; I knew that will-power wasn't cutting it and that something in my thinking and outlook on life had to change, but I just didn't know how to get there.

I'm only a few articles into the series, yet I can tell there is something different about this time, because I realize that it's not merely about resisting my urges, but really changing the way I think about myself, my past, and my future. Makes complete sense.

I really like how you designed your resources as a series to be periodically delivered via email. It gives me something to look forward to and is helping me take this on---one day at a time. Thank you, man.

Porn has taken me to some dark and shame-filled places. I was afraid that I would never be able to stop the repetitive and damaging cycle. Your writing has helped me to feel hope again, and for that I am overwhelmingly thankful. You are really helping me, Jay, and I hope your approach to fighting this addiction is helping countless others as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you:)"
James--Oregon, USA

"Porn free power has really supported my recovery . My life is starting to grow yahoo!"
Gray K, England

"Dear Jay

Thank you for your loving, supportive and non judgmental guidance through this hard time. Your regular exercises are a great help in breaking the bonds of this addiction and your weekly check ups are a reminder that I'm not alone in this battle.

After almost 20 years of fighting this addiction on my own, you have given me the tools to break it's chains. I was so close to losing my wife and family but now we are closer than we had ever hoped to be.

All that ugly guilt and shame has been washed away and in its place a sense of humility, forgiveness and lots of love.

I pray for God's continued strength for you as you continue in your mission.

Thank you"
South Africa

"Man Im gonna share with you something Ive never told anyone. Ive been waiting for it and todays audio came at a perfect time!

My story is much like yours. And at 31 I became a father. If you have kids you know, if not I will tell you: The moment a newborn enters the room, it is instantly filled with the most extreme love you can imagine! When we had our daughter and I got to hold her, I had the most powerful love-explosion I ever could imagine!

My heart was connecting to my newborn and I was at the deepest level her father, for life. The love was pure. true and so honest!

At that time my brain had it, could not take it! It could not handle it! It had been porn-wired for a long time and thats the anti-love. At first it keep saying fuck fuck, hell hell and stuff like that. Very disturbing to a first time father! I felt only love but my brain something else.

Later on it became even more disgusting, to a level that was hurting me very bad and I was haunted with the most disgusting words whenever I held my child. It took about a year or so to clean out, flush my dirty mind clean(er) I was so ashamed!

2 years later we had another child. I was nervous as hell for that experience to return. It didn't and we had a little boy. I was so relieved! It happened just after me starting to get your mails. So thats my story, and I promise my family to stay clean!

I really appreciate you trying to help your fellow brothers. Mostly brothers I suppose..:) I can't wait to hear from you again, your mails are always appreciate and longed for! Thank you for all that you do man, you save lives!"
Rob, Sweden

Here is an additional follow-up from Rob later:

"Well, I never thought I could stop in six months. Here I am with no big setback! The transformation has been rough at times. My mind is so badly wired from porn. You know theres absolutely no humanity in porn ! Ive gotten married and got a second child since your first mail so the rewards are huge! I still long for the quick fix when im tired or stressed, but my 2yr ord told me I was the worlds strongest yesterday. And thats what I need to be! For My family! Your work is great! Keep it up man! And thank you!"
Rob, Sweden

"What to say! I have struggled with this for years, and I have used this in the past and it's worked, only to stop using it and the problems slowly creep back in. I know its hard for all of us to do this, but these resources and support really help to just get control, find a path, a plan to stick to, and help us beat these porn problems. They are a real help, and I appreciate them a lot!"
Name and Location Private

"When I found Jay's website I was in a bad spot in my life. I was at a lowest of lows, and my porn usage was at an all time high. I had attempted to quit a countless number of times on my own prior with zero success.

When I began getting into the material provided, I started to have wins everyday. I'm a couple months free of porn now, and I attribute that to the awesome material Jay sends my way. There are still struggles, but the system set in place gives many fall backs and ways to overcome them.

I highly recommend starting on this amazing program. It's broken me from the chains of porn more than a decade old!"

"Hi Jay, I sincerely appreciate the videos you are sending to me, It is really inspiring what you are doing, keep it up, you are doing something truly special"
GM, Vancouver

"Hi Jay, I'm the girlfriend of a porn addict. I was so desperate to help him quit porn but nothing I tried seemed to help. I begged, I pleaded and we went to counselling. None of it worked.

So the next thing I did was try to find a support group for myself online so that I could at least learn to cope with his addiction if he wasn't going to stop and that's when I came across your site. I went through all if your materials and then forwarded the programme to my guy. Thankfully he was open to the programme and has been working through the steps.

It's been over 3 months now since he has viewed porn and that's the longest he's ever gone without it since he was 15 years old, that's a 22 year old habit. I am so happy for him and for myself and our relationship is moving ahead in leaps and bounds now that we are building back the trust and respect that was lost through his porn use.

I just wanted to say thank Jay you from the bottom of my heart. I love this Man of mine and I really feel that we are going to be ok and that has a lot to do with your fantastic programme."
Jessica, Sydney

"This is a really excellent resource with ongoing inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend it."
Name and Location Private

"Hi Jay,

Thx. for all your help,and please continue to forward your emails and materials to me.

I have found that 'Inner Anchor','Inner Source of Power' that you indicated would be essential to victory over porn.This has given me a porn-free identity,giving NO PLACE to porn in my life at all.I am continually aware that I may NEVER become complacent.

I thought I want to let you know,but have waited a considerable time so as to absolutely, resolutely sure that porn is totally out of my life and this email confirms it for me!!!"

"After a long effort I broke my habit of watching it several times daily. Happy to say your tips helped me tremendously in pulling me out my addiction. I’ve been keeping myself busy in all other manners and even started to pursue healthier endeavors as a result. Thanks for everything."

"Hi jay.

I just wanna say how its going with me and its really going great took your advice and it felt great. to be honest the support you gave me helped me I feel so free and awesome since porn is out of my life now that I have a vision and a future.

Jay it really means alot that you took the time to write to me. You could have done something else but you chose to help me and I appreciate it.

Jay I open my heart to you and I wanna say that it really means alot that there is someone who I could talk to who doesnt judge or reject me but helps me and walks with me for who im gona be in the future.

In the past I never cared about myself. I always though the problem was with me and that I am a washout but through you I start believing im myself. You helped me see that you can choose to stand back up.

Thank you for understanding my circumstances you made me feel that im not alone what im going through.

If I did not find someone like you to helped me I would never have the courage to stand up. I can say today I learned alot by going through that and now I can say no.

Today its all new looking after myself and my lifestyle. Im still young and my whole life is still in front of me.

Im almost 21 and im a new man and just wanted to say thanks for all the messages you wrote to me when I faced that but its all thanks to you i have left it for good.

Thanks for all your emails and the way you inspire me. Each of us has a calling and you definitely have yours. If I look to you jay I see someone who not only understands but who have a wonderful heart. I believe that you can also help millions more.

So I can say thank you again jay that there was someone like you who are standing by my side and who was willing to help me. Thanks for the part you played in my life."
Peter F, Free State, SA
Compiled with permission from various emails

"There have been many times that reading your stuff has hit home with me. This is a subject that needs people like you to fight the beast. Your personal testimony that I listened to has particularly helped me."
Name and Location Private

"hey man I am quitting porn for good,it's like something from the inside change overnight I no longer have the desire to watch it any more. what you told me is that changes is needed from the inside and it happened thank you man

Thank you for the time you gave me, I appreciate what you did for me. keep on helping people who suffer from porn. you are my hero."

"Hey Jay-

I've had set backs but I'm actually on day ? Without porn, meaning long enough I can't remember. Praying has been a huge alternate activity and helps immensely but your program is fantastic. Most of your tips are, as my kids would say, "spot on". Without your help I wouldn’t have made the progress.

The biggest advice you gave that helped me was "boredom". Porn watching used to pass the time I had free. Now, I try to stay busy, mostly get out of the house so the opportunity to be alone is not there.

I have been stronger in my faith but your program got me on the right track and I thank you immensely."

"I used to think that porn was something I couldn't get over, but I was wrong. Once I started using Porn Free Power, I found it easy to jump start my recovery process. Each of Jay's resources is filled with effective steps that helped me break the addictive cycle.

Additionally, his online calls are extremely helpful because they are tailored to my needs. Finally, he has an effective accountability system set up which has helped me get to core of why I used porn in the first place. His accountability system has enabled me to become more transparent with myself and others about my porn use and has motivated me to continue my recovery journey.

I wouldn't be here without Jay's guidance in the process. Thanks for everything you've done with PFP!"
Sam-Oakland, CA

"Hi Jay,I dont know how to thank you, I am really impressed with the huge effort you are doing to change us for the better, I sincerely appreciate all the advice and videos you are sending to me, It is really inspiring and awesome, keep it up, you are doing something truly special"

"I've been porn free for 4 months and 17 days and I attribute it to the tools you've given me, the power of prayer, patience, and perseverance. I have been tempted of course...more than once, but each time I run through it in my head what feelings and consequences there could be if I slip. It really helps me to have a calendar app on my phone that I check off every day I'm free, one day at a time. To all others wanting to be free, DON'T GIVE UP, the work is worth it."

"This has been one of the hardest things I've ever tried to overcome. Me and my wife have been working on our issues, she has forgiven me but I know she has a hard time trusting me. I have not looked at porn in several weeks, i'm proud of myself and would like to thank you for your advice it's helped alot."
Name and Location Private

"Im so grateful to you jay as the last few days you have kept me sane and got me through this heartbreaking time."
Carol K, UK

"Hi Jay

It is actually my husband on whose behalf I have subscribed. We have been together for 15 years and its only about 4 years now when I first discovered the porn addiction. Porn is almost a 20 year battle for him and he has made countless attempts to stop over the years but has never succeeded.

We are both committed to following your prescription to the letter the science and the reasoning behind every action you specify makes it easy to comply with.

I can see honestly for the first time that he is truly on his way to recovery. You have motivated and shown him a plan and a positive way foward, nothing else has managed to restore hope like this. My husband's getting stronger and we are getting closer every day all thanks to your program.

He says to tell you this is the longest he has gone in 20 years without even a single craving an its almost 2 months now.

Your practical, holistic approach coupled with your awesome energy is nothing short of brilliant. We are actually bonding in a way that we have never before. We've both loved and lived more in these last 2 months than we have in our 15 years together all thanks to you my dear friend. You are an answer to years of prayers and we are eternally greatful.

We are thrilled that you have taken the time to check in on us, you really are an awesome human being, the positive difference your care and concern has made in our family is remarkable and we are so grateful to you for turning our lives and our marriage around.

We really appreciate your incredible committment to us and our situation. For someone who hasn't even met us yet your dedication is truly an inspiration to us in itself.

Yours in gratitude"
Compiled with permission from various emails

"I have not watched porn for almost 2 months now since using the Porn Free Power strategy.This is a huge achievement for me. I have also received unbelievable support from Jay.
I was desperate when I started this, now every day I feel stronger and in control.
TP, Cape Town

"For me, porn was a web of deceit I was ensnared in. I couldn't get free. As I've started doing the Action Series Porn Free Power offers, the different threads that had attached to my life long ago have begun to fall away. It's so effective and simple.

You have no idea how much power you possess until you meet Jay and the amazing support he offers, its life changing. Thanks so much Jay and PFP!"
A.M., New Zealand

"The e-mails I have been receiving are great. I have been experiencing porn induced ED for years but now I'm full of hope. Day 5 in and Jay has been a real help."
Name and Location Private

"Hi Jay,

For a while I have been looking for material that I can use to develop a program that I can use in a group to help men overcome pornography addiction. Browsing the internet, I was looking for something real and authentic and practical.

So I stumbled onto Porn Free Power. And I really liked what I discovered. I like your approach, i like the practical way you tackle this. So I started my first group in September this year with 3 men.

PFP is a very practical tool. We use your resources as a group discussion or action (I am very strong on the emphasis that it is an action group, not just a support group) and as homework.

It has been so rewarding to be involved in this journey with these guys. The one guy especially has stopped his daily porn viewing. He is a new person, he now keeps a photo of his wife on their wedding day on his phone.

On a personal note, your resources have helped me with my own journey towards a porn free lifestyle. After I stopped porn, I continued to allow myself some pornographic scenes that I used during masturbation. But it was pulling me slowly back into porn again and it was reading through PFP that I realized that you can think porn as well. And it is as dangerous as watching porn.

Once again, thank you so much for your regular e-mails of encouragement. And on behalf of my group, thank you for allowing us to use your resources."
WW, Port Elizabeth, SA

"I have been doing very well and l can finally say l have quit and haven,t looked back. It was a very long and emotional journey for me but l realized that once l got over the break up that led to depression and then porn l became alive and didn't need to indulge in porn.Some days l felt like going back but l kept reminding myself that there is more to life.

Thank you for all the resources that you provided me with they where of great help to me and l know it will continue helping others like me..

Thank you loads Jay"

"Hey man porn free power helped me to realise that porn addiction start with you. Before you start saying you quit it should be for real, I said many times that I need to quit but I failed but after meeting jay I was able to know a way out. Jay always spend time giving us advice and also supporting us. I am proud to say I can see the light and I have quit porn."
Mathew S

"I recently had to take a business trip- uh oh, hotel room, free time. Danger.
But, the trip I took required me to spend 15-16 hours a day working. I clocked 81 hours that week, no kidding. And, most of it was on my feet- I used the whirlpool at night to soak my feet.
At the end of the week, all of a sudden, I realized. I had not watched a minute of porn, not self-pleasure at all, and I felt great! The sudden urge was there to 'do what I used to do' but I resisted.
The habit of 'watching porn' will always creep into your mind, when you're idle. But, if you resist watching porn, for 28 days, it gets easier. Any habit takes 28 days before you start feeling the restraints loosen.
Not to be overly religious, but evil will always tempt you to go back to porn watching. But, I found, just as your website states; the elimination of porn watching improves the clarity of my mind, my energy levels, and my conscious mind. It feels better when I feel tempted and 'thumb my nose at it' and resist. Thanks for your articles. I really appreciate them."
Geoff- Wisconsin

"With the help of porn free power, I find that as much as it is hard to quit this the is still a choice. You either choose to fall in your desire or use your power to say NO! and follow the guidance to do something else. Thanks Jay!"

"I would definitely recommend this course, it has helped me to turn my life around from almost losing everything that I loved to having my family and my respect back. When I started I never thought I would brake this cycle but with jays help I did it. He is a great guy and he cares about everyone that is on his course, and always there to have a chat if you need some extra guidance and advice."
Dan S, UK

"very helpful....I'm following.
can see some changes!!!"
Name and Location Private

"Life without porn is AWESOME. This is the 7th week without porn. I have now possessed power over porn, even if temptations come it's easy for me to say NO to porn. As time progresses, porn has become more and more powerless to manipulate me and it is the least of my worries now since I know that I will never allow it to rule my life.

I have tasted life without porn for that reason I wouldn't want to go back to porn, simply because my life is now progressive without porn. To taste life without porn, I did all your techniques of defeating porn and it worked perfectly. I'm truly thankful for that.

Jay I thank you for being there for me, it's very motivating to see how much you care about us, I will always honour your for this. And I will continue using your techniques in my journey of recovery, they are awesome. Jay, you're the best!!!"
Siphiwe, Nquthu

"I've never felt so much freedom over this addiction. Thanks for having my back. It means a lot, bro. With your help, I know I'm going to kick this addiction's ass!! :)"
James C, USA

"Hi Jay,

I have to say I have found the resources excellent so far. It takes constant reminders and fresh motivation to stay away from porn and prevent little relapses from happening, the emails we receive from you every few days do just that, helps to kind of freshen up our minds and keep us focused with new tips and strategies, now matter how big or small they are.

It's definitely working for me anyway, the odd little relapse here and there but I've pretty much stopped porn altogether.

Keep up the good work man you must be helping a lot of people.


"I have been porn free for almost 10 days. My partner and I are living in different cities right now and we were able to get together this week. We had been together for over 9 years and the sex has always been good, but with porn I found myself fantasizing or not enjoying the sex as much. We had sex today and it was amazing! Back to being more like what it used to be and driven by a strong sense of being there in the moment and wanting to be there. It was great! Thanks for this program and the support."
Name and Location Private

"I am benefiting so much from Porn Free Power articles as someone who used be a porn addict. I have tried to quit porn many times and relapsed but this year, I am finally quitting porn. Thanks!"
Kingsley from South Africa

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