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Get Personal Porn Addiction Help – Worldwide
Get powerful one-on-one personal help so you can quit porn, recover from porn addiction and fix painful porn related problems - fast.

Unlock Secrets and Solutions to Your Specific Porn Problems

Porn addiction help and coaching:  quit porn in the shortest possible timeHere are just a few of the things I can share with you in ways that are customised to suit your situation:

  • How to deal with porn urges so you not only get rid of the urge right now, but you also make other urges less likely to come up in future (and less powerful even if they do). These techniques stop you having to rely on willpower or feeling like you have to resist or “fight” it.
  • Powerful (and fun) techniques for getting motivated to take the actions you need to quit porn successfully. These approaches allow you to stay motivated and get wins consistently every day (instead of just being pumped up for a few days at the start and then having it all fade away).
  • How to communicate with your wife or girlfriend about your porn problems so that she will understand and support you in your porn recovery instead of feeling hurt, upset, betrayed or angry with you (or leaving you altogether).
  • Dangerous hidden pitfalls and traps waiting for you along the road to recovery – how to spot and avoid them so you can keep marching forward without relapsing and losing your momentum.
  • How to create an ongoing porn free lifestyle that you totally love living – one that supports your goals and is designed to make your dreams a reality!

Click here to see what other secrets, techniques and tricks I can teach you so you can quit porn and feel better faster.

Stop Relapses and Quit Porn as Quickly as Possible

Porn addiction help and coaching:  quit porn in the shortest possible timeWhen you try to quit porn by yourself, it can take many months or even years before you succeed . . . if you even succeed at all.

With me as your personal guide, you can start enjoying wins within hours or days, see real changes in weeks, and be totally free of porn in just a few months.

I’ll show you the shortest and fastest path to success, so you won’t waste time on anything that doesn’t work or isn’t necessary for you – and you’ll spare yourself dozens (or even hundreds) of painful porn relapses.

Discover Secrets to Quitting Porn that You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Get private access to powerful techniques, tricks and secrets to quitting porn that took me years to figure out, and that you’ll never find on other websites, forums or products.

So many of my personal clients have told me they’ve never received advice this good before, even directly from other certified addiction counsellors they’ve seen.

If you want the absolute fastest and best possible porn addiction recovery results without spending years battling to figure things out for yourself, let me help you.

Get the Motivation, Encouragement and Accountability You Need

Do you need effective ways to get motivated to quit porn . . . so you actually stay motivated and unstoppable throughout the whole process (instead of just at the start)?

Or do you need someone to hold you accountable to your commitments and goals so you finally start enjoying the success with quitting porn you want so badly?

Personal Porn Help Without Any Hassles, Stress or Dramas

Porn addiction help and coaching:  quit porn in the shortest possible timeMy personal porn addiction help is:

  • Worldwide: Available anywhere in the world via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or Zoom – no matter what time zone you’re in
  • Flexible: Get help whenever you like, as much or as little as you like
  • 100% Private: Everything always stays strictly between you and me
  • Affordable: Sessions deliver a huge amount of value for money every time
  • 100% Guaranteed: Every session has a money back guarantee – if you’re not thrilled, you don’t pay

Check out the personal porn addiction help page now to find out how you can quit and recover from porn addiction in record time.

Or just contact me directly to start getting the help you need straight away.

Personal Porn Addiction Help Testimonials
"Dear AJ

Thank you for your loving, supportive and non judgmental guidance through this hard time. Your regular exercises are a great help in breaking the bonds of this addiction and your weekly check ups are a reminder that I'm not alone in this battle.

After almost 20 years of fighting this addiction on my own, you have given me the tools to break it's chains. I was so close to losing my wife and family but now we are closer than we had ever hoped to be.

All that ugly guilt and shame has been washed away and in its place a sense of humility, forgiveness and lots of love.

I pray for God's continued strength for you as you continue in your mission.

Thank you"
South Africa

Thankyou AJ.

I just want to say that i am absolutely blown away that you would take some of your precious time to help and support a complete stranger.

You are an amazing person doing an amazing job!

I have felt empowered by your insight. I love all your advice – it has truly strengthened me in my resolve. I wouldnt be coping otherwise.

Again i appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart……Its reassuring because you have been here and you know. Im truly indebted to you!

Thankyou for helping me not to give up.

Absolute greatful fan!
SP, Australia

"I used to think that porn was something I couldn't get over, but I was wrong. Once I started using Porn Free Power, I found it easy to jump start my recovery process. Each of AJ's resources is filled with effective steps that helped me break the addictive cycle.

Additionally, his online calls are extremely helpful because they are tailored to my needs. Finally, he has an effective accountability system set up which has helped me get to core of why I used porn in the first place. His accountability system has enabled me to become more transparent with myself and others about my porn use and has motivated me to continue my recovery journey.

I wouldn't be here without AJ's guidance in the process. Thanks for everything you've done with PFP!"
Sam-Oakland, California

"Im so grateful to you AJ as the last few days you have kept me sane and got me through this heartbreaking time. Thank you for your support. You will never know just how much you helped me. "
Carol K, UK

"Hi AJ.

I just wanna say how its going with me and its really going great took your advice and it felt great. to be honest the support you gave me helped me I feel so free and awesome since porn is out of my life now that I have a vision and a future.

AJ it really means alot that you took the time to write to me. You could have done something else but you chose to help me and I appreciate it.

AJ I open my heart to you and I wanna say that it really means alot that there is someone who I could talk to who doesnt judge or reject me but helps me and walks with me for who im gona be in the future.

In the past I never cared about myself. I always though the problem was with me and that I am a washout but through you I start believing im myself. You helped me see that you can choose to stand back up.

Thank you for understanding my circumstances you made me feel that im not alone what im going through.

If I did not find someone like you to helped me I would never have the courage to stand up. I can say today I learned alot by going through that and now I can say no.

Today its all new looking after myself and my lifestyle. Im still young and my whole life is still in front of me.

Im almost 21 and im a new man and just wanted to say thanks for all the messages you wrote to me when I faced that but its all thanks to you i have left it for good.

Thanks for all your emails and the way you inspire me. Each of us has a calling and you definitely have yours. If I look to you AJ I see someone who not only understands but who have a wonderful heart. I believe that you can also help millions more.

So I can say thank you again AJ that there was someone like you who are standing by my side and who was willing to help me. Thanks for the part you played in my life."
Peter F, Free State, SA
Compiled with permission from various emails

"I have not watched porn for almost 2 months now since using the Porn Free Power strategy.This is a huge achievement for me. I have also received unbelievable support from AJ.
I was desperate when I started this, now every day I feel stronger and in control.
TP, Cape Town

"I would definitely recommend this course, it has helped me to turn my life around from almost losing everything that I loved to having my family and my respect back. When I started I never thought I would brake this cycle but with AJs help I did it. He is a great guy and he cares about everyone that is on his course, and always there to have a chat if you need some extra guidance and advice."
Dan S, UK

"Life without porn is AWESOME. This is the 7th week without porn. I have now possessed power over porn, even if temptations come it's easy for me to say NO to porn. As time progresses, porn has become more and more powerless to manipulate me and it is the least of my worries now since I know that I will never allow it to rule my life.

I have tasted life without porn for that reason I wouldn't want to go back to porn, simply because my life is now progressive without porn. To taste life without porn, I did all your techniques of defeating porn and it worked perfectly. I'm truly thankful for that.

AJ I thank you for being there for me, it's very motivating to see how much you care about us, I will always honour your for this. And I will continue using your techniques in my journey of recovery, they are awesome. AJ, you're the best!!!"
Siphiwe, Nquthu

"Hey man porn free power helped me to realise that porn addiction start with you. Before you start saying you quit it should be for real, I said many times that I need to quit but I failed but after meeting AJ I was able to know a way out. AJ always spend time giving us advice and also supporting us. I am proud to say I can see the light and I have quit porn."
Mathew S

Check out the personal porn addiction help page now to find out how you can quit and recover from porn addiction in record time.

Or just contact me to start getting the help you need straight away.