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Letter from Jay Manning
Hey, it's JMan here.

After trying to overcome porn addiction for years myself, I get how much pain this problem causes. Now that I've totally crushed that addiction and seen how awesome life is on the other side, I'm going to show you how to quit porn too. (This is the part where you get really excited ;)

I'm going to teach you everything I've learned about how to stop watching porn, completely reverse porn-related problems and create a life that kicks ass. I want to save you all the time I spent and suffering I went through figuring out how to quit porn successfully through years of my own trials and failures.

The first step is to get your free porn addiction recovery guide by subscribing to the mailing list. Start acting on what you learn straight away so you can stop watching porn and end the pain ASAP. Trust me, when it comes to quitting pornography and getting back on track, there's no time to waste. Step up now and make it happen!

Also, remember that I'm committed to helping you however I can. Everything I do is guided by what you need, so definitely drop me a message to tell me about your situation and exactly how I can help you.

Talk soon,

From the Fans
"Hi Jay,

Thx. for all your help,and please continue to forward your emails and materials to me.

I have found that 'Inner Anchor','Inner Source of Power' that you indicated would be essential to victory over porn.This has given me a porn-free identity,giving NO PLACE to porn in my life at all.I am continually aware that I may NEVER become complacent.

I thought I want to let you know,but have waited a considerable time so as to absolutely, resolutely sure that porn is totally out of my life and this email confirms it for me!!!"

"Kia ora Jay,

my name is Sean im from New Zealand I just wanted to send you an email about my experience and how you have helped me regain strength back in this area of my life.

I have been trying to kick porn in the ass for a very long time, feeling alone and frustrated I found your site through Google search about six months ago and signed up to your awesome resources strait away. my back ground with this is one like many before me and has been an ongoing battle for many years, but I'm now definitely on the road too recovery :).

through your site I have learnt some very good tips and strategies to help battle the urges and feelings of this addiction, every bit of information I have received has been very relevant and helpful, thank you so much.

I have started an mens accountability group with a few of my friends and am going to get them to sign up to the site. also is it possible to make a small donation somewhere?, as I feel like I would like to contribute in some way.

its so crazy how something like this can be so damaging to your whole life mentally and physicaly, but with people like you who tell it straight up as it is theres hope for men and women around the globe, again thank you!"
Sean, New Zealand

"I have not watched porn for almost 2 months now since using the Porn Free Power strategy.This is a huge achievement for me. I have also received unbelievable support from Jay.
I was desperate when I started this, now every day I feel stronger and in control.
TP, Cape Town

"Porn free power has really supported my recovery . My life is starting to grow yahoo!"
Gray K, England

"very helpful....I'm following.
can see some changes!!!"
Name and Location Private

"I am benefiting so much from Porn Free Power articles as someone who used be a porn addict. I have tried to quit porn many times and relapsed but this year, I am finally quitting porn. Thanks!"
Kingsley from South Africa

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