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Do you want free porn addiction recovery resources on how to quit porn and get your life back? Get in on Porn Free Power Actions and Insights now. They rock!

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What You’ll Get

Porn Free Power Actions and Insights - How to Stop Watching Porn and Overcome Porn AddictionThe free Actions and Insights resources are designed to get you moving towards porn freedom straight away. They’ll get you up to speed on what’s involved in quitting porn and give you practical actions to take via a stack of subscriber-only content, including:

  • Videos and audios
  • The comprehensive Porn Free Power Porn Impact Assessment
  • The super popular Porn Free Power PDF Action Sheet Series
  • Email tips, strategies and concepts
  • Special subscriber-only bonuses

Porn Free Power Actions and Insights Resources - How to Stop Watching Porn and Overcome Porn AddictionYou’ll get an email with access to a new resource every few days. This will give you a steady flow of knowledge and actions for building momentum in your journey.

You’ll also get updates as soon as new articles are released on the website, so you’ll always be the first to get the latest materials, and you’ll never miss out on a thing.

If you’re struggling to stop porn addiction and find yourself relapsing a lot, these resources will give you a different approach and lay a solid foundation for long-term success. They’re exciting and fun too ;)

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What You’ll Learn

These resources cover critical aspects in porn addiction recovery like:

Porn Free Power - How to Stop Watching Porn and Overcome Porn Addiction
  • The very best place to start in the process of giving up pornography.
  • Insights on what to expect and how to get the fastest results.
  • How to stop porn addiction by creating a solid game plan that really works over the long term.
  • Attacking the deeper causes of your porn addictions and problems.
  • Practical strategies you can use to deal with pornography urges and avoid relapse.
  • Tools and tips to keep you motivated, excited and on track every day of your porn recovery process (and beyond).
You'll also get some extra special bonuses with your free subscription, including:

  • Access to a special report showing my own past Porn Impact Assessment results, including all the problems I encountered before I quit and recovered from porn addiction. You'll see how if it was possible for me to overcome a challenge this big, you can rock it too!

  • Access to an audio where I'll share more about my personal story. This covers the critical threshold moment where I finally began turning my life around, and the powerful strategy I used to fuel my whole journey.
Plus other cool stuff that I don't give out to the general public.
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What You’ll Love

Here’s what’s awesome about these porn addiction recovery resources:

  • Free to access – you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying the Actions and Insights materials out.
  • Get instant access – you’ll get access to the first video as soon as you subscribe, so you can start overcoming your porn addiction right now.
  • Free to implement – each porn addiction recovery strategy costs nothing to put into action.
  • Nice and simple – every resource is delivered clearly in plain English (none of this: что он сказал) so they’re easy to understand and follow.

I could charge for high quality porn addiction help like this, but my main interest is seeing you succeed rather than making money (all of my coaching clients will tell you the same thing).

All I ask is that you actually use these resources to help you quit porn and make your life amazing.

Subscribe for free, smash your porn addiction and get your life back now!

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  • I absolutely don’t share any of your information with anyone else, ever.
  • If for some crazy reason you want to unsubscribe, you can do that easily any time. There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.
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Letter from Jay Manning
Hey, it's JMan here.

After trying to overcome porn addiction for years myself, I get how much pain this problem causes. Now that I've totally crushed that addiction and seen how awesome life is on the other side, I'm going to show you how to quit porn too. (This is the part where you get really excited ;)

I'm going to teach you everything I've learned about how to stop watching porn, completely reverse porn-related problems and create a life that kicks ass. I want to save you all the time I spent and suffering I went through figuring out how to quit porn successfully through years of my own trials and failures.

The first step is to get your free Porn Free Power resources by subscribing to the mailing list. Start acting on what you learn straight away so you can stop watching porn and end the pain ASAP. Trust me, when it comes to quitting pornography and getting back on track, there's no time to waste. Step up now and make it happen!

Also, remember that I'm committed to helping you however I can. Everything I do is guided by what you need, so definitely drop me a message to tell me about your situation and exactly how I can help you.

Talk soon,

From the Fans
"Hi Jay, I'm the girlfriend of a porn addict. I was so desperate to help him quit porn but nothing I tried seemed to help. I begged, I pleaded and we went to counselling. None of it worked.

So the next thing I did was try to find a support group for myself online so that I could at least learn to cope with his addiction if he wasn't going to stop and that's when I came across your site. I went through all if your materials and then forwarded the programme to my guy. Thankfully he was open to the programme and has been working through the steps.

It's been over 3 months now since he has viewed porn and that's the longest he's ever gone without it since he was 15 years old, that's a 22 year old habit. I am so happy for him and for myself and our relationship is moving ahead in leaps and bounds now that we are building back the trust and respect that was lost through his porn use.

I just wanted to say thank Jay you from the bottom of my heart. I love this Man of mine and I really feel that we are going to be ok and that has a lot to do with your fantastic programme."
Jessica, Sydney

"Porn Free Power has potentially saved my marriage. There is still a long way to go and it will not be an easy road to travel but a tleast i am now on the road. Thanks Jay."
Paul S, UK

"I've never felt so much freedom over this addiction. Thanks for having my back. It means a lot, bro. With your help, I know I'm going to kick this addiction's ass!! :)"
James C, USA

"Hi Jay,

For a while I have been looking for material that I can use to develop a program that I can use in a group to help men overcome pornography addiction. Browsing the internet, I was looking for something real and authentic and practical.

So I stumbled onto Porn Free Power. And I really liked what I discovered. I like your approach, i like the practical way you tackle this. So I started my first group in September this year with 3 men.

PFP is a very practical tool. We use your resources as a group discussion or action (I am very strong on the emphasis that it is an action group, not just a support group) and as homework.

It has been so rewarding to be involved in this journey with these guys. The one guy especially has stopped his daily porn viewing. He is a new person, he now keeps a photo of his wife on their wedding day on his phone.

On a personal note, your resources have helped me with my own journey towards a porn free lifestyle. After I stopped porn, I continued to allow myself some pornographic scenes that I used during masturbation. But it was pulling me slowly back into porn again and it was reading through PFP that I realized that you can think porn as well. And it is as dangerous as watching porn.

Once again, thank you so much for your regular e-mails of encouragement. And on behalf of my group, thank you for allowing us to use your resources."
WW, Port Elizabeth, SA

"Hi Jay, I sincerely appreciate the videos you are sending to me, It is really inspiring what you are doing, keep it up, you are doing something truly special"
GM, Vancouver

"This is a really excellent resource with ongoing inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend it."
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